NBA: Great loyal fans love this game

The league of basketball crazy fans. The regular season matches are grinding games, playoffs too nerve-wrenching, and the finals become epic games for eventual world champions.

NFL: tough banged-bodies play

The league for fans who love to watch rough and physical play. Quarterbacks make those touchdown passes look easy but its really hard to execute.

MLB: America's no. 1 past time

Fans continue to be thrilled watching baseball games. Hard hitters become overnight sensations for scoring those home runs as pitchers try to strike out batters in front of him.


Pacman decisions Bradley in rematch

Pacquiao vs Bradley 2

By Emmanuel Josue |

Boxing icon and future hall of famer Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao summoned his vaunted speed and power to defeat Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley via unanimous decision in their rematch Saturday night before 15,000 fans at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The three judges at ringside saw it 116-112, 116-112 and 118-110 all in favor of Pacman.

Pacquiao avenged his controversial loss to Bradley in 2012 in which two judges gave the American an undeserved victory with 115-113 score for Bradley. Only one judge favored Pacquiao in what was considered an infamy in boxing during the first bout between the two champions.

This time, Pacman made sure the judges will see the volume and quality of his punches. He dominated Bradley from rounds six and up and clearly outpunched and outwitted the reigning champ.

Bradley surprised Pacman in the first round as he moved to be the more aggressive and hungrier fighter connecting with looping rights to pressure Pacquiao early on.

Pacquiao bounced back in the second and third rounds and started to connect left and right combinations as Bradley continued to engage and come looking for a knock out. Pacquiao counterpunched effectively on the pressure put on by Bradley.

Sensing Pacquiao is starting to throw effective counterpunches, Bradley used crisps shots to the body to slow down Pacquiao and he was able to sneak a right overhand blow which momentarily stunned Pacquiao. Bradley was however, not able to capitalize on this as Pacquiao moved in and out and blocked Bradley’s charges with his gloves.

In the fifth round, both fighters continued to exchange pressing blows. Bradley was not backing down on Pacquiao. Near the end of the round, Pacquiao connected a combinations to steal the round.

Bradley started to slow down in the sixth and Pacquiao, pinned Bradley against the ropes most of the time, and connected more flurry punches that wobbled the American. Bradley pretended that he was not hurt and even taunted Pacquaio to come in so that he can sneak in a whooping right but Pacquiao just faked in, used volume punches and forced Bradley to throw wild counters and punch in the air.

Reeling from Pacman’s flurries and hard lefts, Bradley resorted to show boating in the ensuing rounds but this did not help him in the scorecards. Pacquiao continued to connect with vicious hard lefts which nearly downed Bradley in the 9th and 10th rounds if not for the ropes which Bradley leaned on.

Bradley tried to recover lost grounds in the 11th round and connected some good shots on Pacquiao’s head. Though Bradley stole this round, Pacquiao was still way ahead on points going into the last round.

Pacquiao remained aggressive in the last round and connected more telling blows against the fading Bradley. Bradley accidentally head butted Pacquiao in the last 18 seconds of the round. It resulted into a deep cut on Pacquiao’s left eyebrow. The last round was clearly Pacquiao’s round.

“I thank God that I was able to win this one. It was not easy, Bradley is a tough fighter and he was throwing more punches than he did in our first fight. I felt his punch when he hit me in my chin in the fourth round,” Pacquiao commented after his victory.

“Paquiao is the better fighter tonight. I have my hats off to him and his corner. I lost to one of the best fighters in the world.” says Bradley in accepting his defeat.

Pacquiao’s hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach thought that his ward was a little sloppy in the fight but he felt Pacman listened to his instructions and adjusted well in second half of the bout.
With the victory, Pacquiao’s record now stands at 56-5-2 while Bradley is 31-1-0 and absorbed his first career loss.

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